Lisa from New York (Bericht einer Absolventin)

März 2011
My name is Lisa, I am 19 years old and right now I am spending my time in New York as an Au Pair. Before I came to America, I was attending the Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg, and after my graduation I decided to experience another culture before starting my studies at university.
So, here I am J!Presently I am staying in New York City with a very nice, American family. I have to look after a 10-year-old boy, Stefan, who is very sporty and active. He really enjoys playing ice- hockey, basketball and soccer.

In America, sports are very important and consequently games turn out to be meetpoints for the parents to watch their children and to chat a little bit with their friends. That is one aspect that I really appreciate about America. The first time joining my family at some games of Stefan I felt like in a movie. The fathers are cheering up their children and are trying to give advices how to improve the game, meanwhile the mothers are sitting in their camping chairs, talking and enjoying the game. I really love such events and they take place every weekend.

Furthermore I love spending my weekends in Manhattan. The city is incredible and full of life. My friends and I love to discover the city and enjoy the different places you can go to. You always can experience something new and it’s literally impossible to get bored there. I am already sure that I will come back to New York some day to work here for some time. I have really found my dream city J.

What surprises me most about America is the completely different culture. A lot of people might think that America and Europe are very similar to each other, but I can really not agree. Because of that every day is like a little adventure for me and I just try to seize all these moments.

After six months in America I can say that I have grown personally and that I have developed a lot. Looking after a little kid and not just being responsible for yourself,… all these experiences help me a lot to get to know myself better. I do not regret at all that I have gone to America and I just can recommend the stay abroad to everyone, who wants to experience something different after graduation. It is a real eye-opener and it is simply the best that you can do after your final exam.

Best wishes,

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