Ghosts, witches and vampires…

Oktober 2019 / 2abc / E


...were the eerie companions of this week’s English POOL in Year 2. Not only did some of the students wear spooky costumes and scary masks themselves, they also performed a range of creative activities all dealing with the mystical autumn festival, Halloween.

The open learning session included fun apple games, such as “bobbing the apple”, “apples on a string” or “fortune telling”, traditionally played at Halloween in English speaking countries. It was a real laugh for everyone trying to have a bite of an apple swimming in a bowl filled with water or hanging from a string. And, naturally, everybody wanted to know who they were going to marry by deciphering letters in apple peels thrown over their shoulders.
In the course of this POOL-session, the kids delved even deeper into the traditional customs of Halloween by reading about some habits, writing frightening stories, making paper ghosts or playing funny card games. So, at the end, everybody seemed ready for 31st October, when we once again ask “Trick or Treat?”

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