The experience of a lifetime

Oktober / 6b, 8a / E
Lina abroad

Having dealt with the topic “Growing Up“, class 6b invited Lina Gamper (8a) to listen to her extra-ordinary presentation about her term abroad. The student of Europagymnasium spent a few months living in East Sussex (UK), attending Beacon Academy in Crowborough. In her lively presentation, Lina gave a fantastic insight into British life and culture, and definitely impressed the students with her confidence as well as her newly acquired accent. As the saying goes, “no risk no reward” - Lina took the journey to experience the unknown and concluded that it was worth it.

Not only did she improve her English and get to know the British culture, she also found new friends and became more independent and confident. To sum up, this whole experience has turned her into a more mature and responsible person and influenced her life in a totally positive way.
Mrs Rafetseder and class 6b would like to thank Lina Gamper once again for her effort and have recommended “touring” more classes of Europagymnasium to spark enthusiasm for spending time abroad.

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