Spooky sounds coming from our new St. Euphrasia Room

Oktober / 2c / E
Spooky Halloween!

In today's Pool session students from class 2c found out about English customs and traditions. The first part was dedicated to a full English breakfast during which culinary pleasures like black tea with milk, toasted bread with jam, peanut butter etc. were tasted and appreciated. This real-life experience proved useful to revise words and talk about English food habits and traditions.
Afterwards the classroom was decorated with typical Halloween symbols like Halloween garlands, which the students created in Focus 1, as well as impressive drawings of typical Halloween scenes and, of course, pumpkins, most notably a (lovely) “Jack o' Lantern” – hollowed out and carved by a student.

We talked a lot about the customs and festivities on Halloween and, what is more, we discussed the cultural background to Halloween. Students then told each other scary Halloween stories, created Halloween cards and played funny games such as “Apple Peel” in the newly decorated room called “St. Euphrasia Room”- intended as a place of joy, good communication and meditation. What a great, creepy anticipation of Halloween which children are going to celebrate in the autumn break!

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